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Do you dream of becoming a speaker but are unsure how and where to start?

Learn my proven 3-step process to getting clear on your message, finding your ideal audience, and overcoming fear so that you can share your voice with the world and finally have the BIG impact you crave (and deserve).

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In this exclusive guide, you’ll learn:

  • What it really takes to be a confident and mesmerizing speaker, and whether you really have the elusive “IT” factor.

  • How to identify the message you’re uniquely positioned to deliver, and become known for it.

  • How to select your ideal audience, and go find them.

  • An easy 3-step process to find the right speaking opportunities.

  • My powerful, secret tool to overcome your fear of public speaking in 1 minute or less.



Claudia not only helped me in the midst of pre-speaking anxiety, but she helped me structure the jumbled mess in my head into a clear, cohesive, inspiring talk. Plus, she gave me some powerful tips on standing in my leadership that helped tremendously with my confidence.
— Christina Caudill, Astrologer
Claudia immediately got me! She understood what my message was and in addition, and, more importantly, she understood my voice. I had ideas for my message, but was overwhelmed with how and where to begin to put it in a clear, concise presentable format. Claudia was able to help me break down the message in a very clear, concise and compelling way.
— Jodi Silverman, Life Coach & Founder, "Moms Who Dare"
I absolutely would recommend Claudia. She is a rock star, to say the very least.
— Shalisha Morgan, Founder, "Geek in Heels", Tedx Speaker