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A part of you is SO ready to get out there and speak, but you're overcome by self-doubt just thinking about it. 


"Who do I think I am?"

"No one's gonna listen to me!"

"I'm such a fool for thinking I can pull it off!"


All of a sudden, you panic. Your heart beats super fast, your palms get sweaty, your mouth dries up, your body freezes. You imagine making a fool of yourself on stage -- and, yup, in front of everybody


You don’t seek out speaking opportunities even though you'd LOVE for people to know you and what you have to say. You dream of being a confident, captivating speaker but secretly worry it’ll never be possible for you.


But wait.



Imagine having the confidence to speak in front of any type of crowd with clarity, calm, and elegance. Imagine not worrying what others think because you are so excited about sharing your ideas with others!


As you speak, you can see the audience hanging onto your every word: they laugh, they cry, and they even giggle at your quirky jokes. You own the room, and you are glowing.


You realize how fun it is to be fully yourself on stage while connecting with others and making a difference in their lives. You’ve said “Yes!” to other speaking opportunities and can’t wait for them to happen. You feel so FREE and ENERGIZED, and your life has taken on a new meaning of success, fearlessness, and confidence.

Does this sound like you?

  • You dream of being a rockstar public speaker who changes lives with her message and ideas. If you only weren’t so anxious about it!!
  • You long to be a confident and charismatic speaker but worry you just don’t have what it takes -- why does it look so easy for everyone else but you?!
  • You're unclear on what to talk about, where to find speaking opportunities, and how to get started.
  • You’re afraid you’re missing out on career opportunities and, worse, on life!


I totally get it. I have been there and I can help!


I teach women who've important things to say but are nervous speaking in front of others how to become rockstar public speakers in a way that feels good to them. You’ll learn simple, yet incredibly powerful strategies to conquer your fear and get clear on your ideas--right now! And you’ll leave feeling super confident in yourself and what you have say.

After completing SPEAK with CONFIDENCE, you'll:


  • Know what it takes to be a confident, calm, and poised public speaker with any kind of audience, whether from the stage or at the next team meeting.
  • Trust yourself and what you have to say. You’ll have the courage to come out of hiding and take action to go after your BIG speaking goals.
  • Get clear on what to talk about and where so you'll be ready to book new speaking gigs -- STAT!
  • Feel hopeful, energized, and inspired as you take the first step in becoming the rockstar public speaker you've always dreamt to be!

SPEAK with CONFIDENCE includes:


Speaking Confidence Breakthrough Session (90 minutes)

During this 1:1 coaching session, you’ll discover what’s holding you back and the exact steps you need to take to speak up more, and in a way that feels good to you. You’ll learn to trust yourself and what you have to say, and you’ll leave feeling inspired, excited, energized, and--you guessed it--super confident!


Get into Action Cheat Sheets & Recording

After your session, you’ll get a customized packet including a summary, the recording, and 3 cheat sheets covering the easy yet effective strategies you’ve learned. You’ll be able to review the material at your own pace and keep it handy for easy reference so that you can take immediate, targeted action towards conquering your fear.


Confidence Tracking Worksheet

In the 2 weeks following your session, you’ll practice the tools and track your progress using this worksheet.


Follow-Up (30 minutes)

Two weeks after your initial call, you’ll get a private 30-minute check-in to celebrate your successes and newfound confidence. We’ll assess what worked best so that you can have a personalized plan to move forward and achieve your big public speaking goals.


You’ll finally know what to do to get out there and start speaking with clarity and confidence!

Are you ready to make your public speaking dreams a reality?

Yay! Let’s get started:


Your investment: $129

  • Step 1: Schedule your Speak with Confidence session and make your payment clicking the button below.
  • Step 2: Prepare for our sessions. Within 24 hours of booking, you’ll receive the Zoom details and a link to sign your coaching agreement.
  • Step 3: Get ready to become a rockstar public speaker!

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What people are saying ...

I was very nervous before my session with Claudia because I was very anxious about even exploring the idea of becoming a speaker. Claudia made me feel so empowered and so good about what I had to share and gave me such good, practical advice that I left our session feeling excited, inspired, and so ready to unleash my voice!” (Julia)

“I was having extreme anxiety and a feeling of imposter syndrome. Claudia helped me and healed me immensely on both fronts.” (Elana)

“I would like to say ‘Thank you!” to Claudia - it was so easy to work with her and the outcome was amazing! I recommend working with Claudia if you’d like to speak from a place of authenticity and confidence.” (Angela)

“I used Claudia’s tools at work and it went amazingly well. My CEO even said I was strong, confident, and caring all at the same time. I was able to calm down my heart rate and collect my thoughts. And also allow myself to just take a moment for myself.” (Diana)

“Claudia helped me understand what is most valuable to communicate about myself. After speaking with her, I knew why my message needed to be heard.” (Trudy)