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An 8-week, no-nonsense public speaking 

bootcamp for women ready to make their 

voices heard.



You find yourself doing a lot of public speaking, whether live or online, and you just want to feel better about it. But the more you do it, the more difficult it seems to get. You’re a smart, ambitious, hard-working woman, and, yet, you just can’t seem to figure out how to master your presentation skills.


Perhaps public speaking has been a fear of yours your entire life. You get so anxious that you find yourself turning bright red during presentations or whenever someone calls on you! Even worse, your voice crackles and you dissociate a little, like you aren’t fully there.


Perhaps it’s not fear, but you know that something in your speaking isn’t working. Maybe your content’s jumbled, or you speak too fast, or you’ve no idea what to do with your hands. All the while, you see your audience yawning and compulsively checking their phones -- you’re just not sure what you’re doing wrong!


But wait. 

What if you, too, could be a total #boss at speaking in front of others?

Just imagine how amazing it’d feel to know how to present with confidence, power, and a little sass. You say exactly what you want to say: you’re clear, to the point, and you know how to make your words pop. You speak with calm and poise -- you feel no need to rush because you’re 100% assured in what you have to say.


You see your audience being fully engaged. As you speak, they’re nodding their heads and taking notes. Once it’s over, they line up to ask you questions and to know how they can work with you. They just can’t get enough of you!


You’re finally perceived as the leader you know you are. You’re polished and sophisticated, yet approachable and relaxed. You have charisma and magnetic presence. What’s more, you feel that your words are making a difference in other people’s lives, and you’re finally having the impact you crave.


Is this you?


  • You wish you weren't so nervous about speaking in front of others, or unclear about what to talk about!

  • You want to make your words POP, and leave the audience begging for more.

  • You're afraid your lackluster presentation skills are keeping you from moving forward in your career and, worse, in life!

  • You're ready to be taken seriously and be seen as the leader you know you are. You're so tired of playing small!

I totally get it, and I can help!


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Hi, I'm Dr. Claudia Consolati

i'm a women’s studies professor, public speaking coach, and self-promotion cheerleader for women who have important things to say and want to use public speaking to grow their business and career.



Step-by-step, I'll teach you everything you need to know about speaking with confidence, power, and pizazz, whether at work, for a speech, or during a podcast, Facebook live, or webinar. And you'll leave feeling super confident in yourself and what you have to say!

As a result of SPEAK UP EXPRESS, you'll:



  • Know EXACTLY what to do to be a confident and unforgettable speaker in any circumstance and in front of any kind of audience. 

  • Learn my game-changing system to master your messaging, content, and structure in a way that's meaningful, impactful, and persuasive. 

  • Learn the 3 key delivery strategies you need to know to 10x your speaking effectiveness and power. 

  • Discover the #1 way you can take control of your body language, and use it to convince and persuade your audience. 

  • Trust yourself and what you have to say (yay!). No more waiting for someone else's permission or approval! 

  • Feel hopeful, energized, and inspired as your life takes on a new meaning of success, fearlessness, and confidence. 



Are you ready to take the SPEAK UP EXPRESS, and make your public speaking dreams a reality?



Investment: $997


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What people are saying ...

I was very nervous before my session with Claudia because I was very anxious about even exploring the idea of becoming a speaker. Claudia made me feel so empowered and so good about what I had to share and gave me such good, practical advice that I left our session feeling excited, inspired, and so ready to unleash my voice!” (Julia)

“I was having extreme anxiety and a feeling of imposter syndrome. Claudia helped me and healed me immensely on both fronts.” (Elana)

“I would like to say ‘Thank you!” to Claudia - it was so easy to work with her and the outcome was amazing! I recommend working with Claudia if you’d like to speak from a place of authenticity and confidence.” (Angela)

“I used Claudia’s tools at work and it went amazingly well. My CEO even said I was strong, confident, and caring all at the same time. I was able to calm down my heart rate and collect my thoughts. And also allow myself to just take a moment for myself.” (Diana)

“Claudia helped me understand what is most valuable to communicate about myself. After speaking with her, I knew why my message needed to be heard.” (Trudy)