+ Do I need to be a seasoned speaker for this to work?

Absolutely not. This package is customized to you and your needs. It is therefore designed to fit everyone, from beginner to advanced speakers.

+ Do I need to have speaking engagements booked?

Having speaking engagements already lined up is not necessary at all. Some of my clients do and some don’t. However, if you have never given a talk before I do recommend that you find at least one event where you can deliver your talk. Not only will it be excellent practice but it will also be a clear sign to the Universe that you are ready to be on more and more stages.

+ Why six weeks?

Six weeks is the amount of time that we need for you to go deep and really digest your life, message, and story. Be ready: this work isn’t for the faint of heart. You will be asked to dig deep and own all of yourself—the good, the bad, and the ugly. The final product—your legendary talk—will be the result of our co-creation: it is your story, your voice, your message paired with my expertise in public speaking and persuasive writing.

+ What if I am on a time crunch?

If you do not have 6 weeks time to prepare for your big even, do not worry. You can book one VIP Day with me. We won’t be able to go as deep as in the 6-week package, which I highly recommend, but you will have a speech ready. Read about VIP Days here or contact me at hello@thewomenspeakupproject.com.

+ What type of work am I expected to do?

You are expected to be on the calls on time and complete your weekly assignments in between calls. The more you are willing to go deep, the greater the benefit and the more authentic your talk will be. This program won’t work unless you do.

+ What about working on my delivery and stage presence?

While those are all important aspects of giving a standing-ovation-worthy talk—your legendary talk—this package is exclusively focused on writing your speech (with a bonus checklist and troubleshooting session regarding delivery and performance). If you are interested in improving those aspects as well, I do recommend that you book one or two VIP Days with me where we can focus exclusively on that. You may read more about them here or contact me at hello@thewomenspeakupproject.com.

+ Who are you?

Public speaking is my jam. I realized that I had natural charisma the first time I had to do a presentation in college. The other students and the professor were magically drawn to me. Since then I have gone on to get my PhD at an Ivy League university and become a college professor. I now have close to 3000 hours of public speaking under her belt! I am regularly invited to speak at prestigious universities across the United States and Canada as well as at industry events. You can read more about me here.

+ What is your refund policy?

While my hope is that we do great work together and I guarantee you’ll get amazing results over the course of the 6 weeks, I know that sometimes life gets in the way. For this reason, I want you to feel extra-safe in your investment. If, after the first 10 days and the first set of assignments, you feel that we are not a good match, your payment will be refunded in full.


Other questions? Get in touch HERE.