5 reasons why you need a SIGNATURE TALK

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I’m not one to fall for easy marketing tactics. For people who say: “You need a book!” “You need thousands of Instagram followers!” “You need this [very complicated] launch strategy and you’ll hit 6 figures in 2 weeks!”

You know what I say? BS to that! There’s only a few things you need to be successful in biz and life, and they have little to do with specific strategies and more with understanding how marketing yourself, your business, and your ideas works. And this is highly personal.


If you feel called to speak more, and use public speaking as an avenue to inspire others and sell your services or products, having a signature talk can turn into your greatest asset.

This week, I share 5 reasons why you and your biz NEED a signature talk.

(1) A signature talk allows you to reach a wider audience — fast!

If you picture yourself speaking in front of others, what do you see? Do you see yourself wearing that killer dress while people cry, laugh, and cheer each other on as they go through deep personal transformation? Well, all of that’s possible as soon as you get on stage and nail your signature talk.

With a signature talk, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people. And all at once!

(2) A signature talk makes you the go-to resource in your field.

Whatever the topic you speak about, people will have you top of mind as soon as another opportunity comes up. With a killer signature talk, it’ll be easy for people to recognize and identify you, and invite you to their events. You’ll become THE authority in your field, the expert people will look up to.

(3) A signature talk is your greatest marketing tool.

You know that outreach’s key to getting clients. And that clients have to like, know, and trust you. For online businesses, we think that this happens through social media and your newsletter. The problem? It can take a while, sometimes years, for prospects to warm up to you.

With live public speaking you’ll be able to save yourself and your prospects a ton of time.

A signature talk’s your secret weapon for reaching hundreds of ideal clients — fast!

(4) A signature talk’s a leadership-building tool.

Public speaking’s one of the best tools for us to step into the leaders we deep down know that we are. Once you’ve nailed your message, and have a clear, proven, effective structure to organize and deliver your signature talk, nothing can stop

(5) A signature talk gives you the confidence you need to show up powerfully and make a difference in the world.

No kidding around: stepping on stage sharing your story and message can be vulnerable as hell. It takes A LOT of courage! Having a talk that you’re confident in, and that you know WORKS, can save you lots of sleepless nights. You’ll feel relaxed, open, and ready to kick ass and change people’s lives.

Here you have it: 5 reasons why you need a signature talk to grow your biz and life.

Which one do you LOVE the most?

Let me know in the comments below!

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