Help! What Do I Talk About?

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Have you ever wanted to speak but felt that you've got nothing to say? Or that nothing interesting has ever happened to you? Well, you're not alone.


The belief they have nothing to talk about is one of the biggest misconceptions my clients and students face. They think they're just regular gals, average Janes or, like some of them describe themselves, "Jacks of all trades" (if anything, can we please at least say "Queens of all trades"?!?)


While it's common to think this way, know that it's absolutely not the truth. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has interesting things to say. We're just not used to paying attention to what happens in our life.


But, if we're committed to making our voices heard and sharing our experiences with others, we must find those places where our authentic ideas and stories lie. Ready to get started? Excellent!


Here are 3 places where you can look (and find) inspiration. I suggest you take 15 minutes each day for the next week to journal about these topics. Let your ideas flow and don't edit yourself. You'll discover golden insights.



1. Your Values


The word "value" can be a bit confusing. I remember when a life coach I worked with first introduced it to me, I wasn't sure what she was talking about. Being raised in a Catholic country (Italy), I thought it was something that had to do with morality or religion. Instead, "values" refers to the things that are important to you as a human being and around which your life revolves. During my explorations, I discovered that both freedom and connection are essential to me. Those are 2 of my core values.

You might already know yours, or you might not. If you don't, spend some time answering these questions: What are your core beliefs as a human being? And how do these beliefs & values manifest in your personal and professional life? What do you do to live in accordance with your values? 

And if these questions are a bit too challenging, start with this: "WHY do you do what you do on a daily basis?"



2. Your Vision


I'm a big-picture thinker, and I always encourage my clients to think big. Often we get so caught up in the little things of daily life that we forget there's a whole world out there. 

If you'd like to think bigger, spend some time on these questions: Do you have a vision for a better world? What is it? How can we make it happen? What needs to change? Your answer can be about a cause you're passionate about, such as women's rights or gun policy, or about your field of work (how could your industry be better? What needs to change?).

Be the dreamer. Get into action. And don't take "No" for an answer. You got this!



3. Your Stories


Stories can be tricky because many of you might think you don't have interesting stories to tell. But I've worked with enough women to know that this is a misconception.

See, we're used to thinking of stories the wrong way.

Stories are not just about incredible quests or heart-breaking tragedies (though those certainly can make for great stories). Often the best stories are about the little things: how do you have your coffee in the morning? How do you say "Good night!" to your kid at night? What happened that one time you went to the movies by yourself?

Fishing for stories is really a lifelong practice, but here's where you can start: What makes you unique? How does your uniqueness show up in your daily life (as you go about your day or interact with others)? Have you had any life-changing moment (an amazing trip, your wedding day, the birth of your child, that one time you woke up early to watch the sunset)?

Get out your journal and start writing. Claim your stories, no matter how small.


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And now over to you. Tell me ...

Which areas are you excited to explore?

And what have you discovered?

Let me know in the comments below. 




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