Why SHARING YOUR STORY matters (in biz & life)

There’s a quote I love by Maya Angelou:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

I find it so powerful, And yet, so terrifying.

Because … What if we don't get to share our story? What if we leave it buried deep within ourselves? And what if we leave this planet without having tapped into our purpose, our voice, our greatest potential?

What if???

I'm not gonna lie. Sharing our story is s.c.a.r.y. It takes a lot of courage, and ovaries as strong as steel. But what's the alternative? Staying silent? Playing small? Being nice to everybody forgetting that we're even alive, and that we have a soul that's screaming to come out? No, thank you.

There's ONE key reason sharing our story matters, and it's this:

In a world that craves connection, stories become tools to build intimacy and link arms with one another.

But what does this really mean? And how do I find which story we’re really meant to tell? Don’t worry, I’ve got a few answers for you.


Storytelling can be quite scary because, simply put, it forces us to take a hard look at our lives and tell the truth about ourselves. And this truth’s not always what we want to see. It’s not always pretty.

But, acknowledging all sides of our story, and being willing to go there, is the first step in reclaiming our power and becoming the full expression of who we’re truly meant to be. It’s the necessary pre-requisite to sharing our voices, and changing the world with our message.


I work with badass women, women who’re go-getters and know how to get what they want. They’re ambitious and super-smart; they love logic, and data, and research. Because of this, sometimes they shy away from stories.

And I love to challenge them to begin using stories to connect emotionally, not just intellectually, with their audiences. It’s totally ok to begin by sharing less intimate and private stories. When you’re first starting out, even stories that concern other people work. Just keep going and keep testing your comfort level.


There are many different types of stories for you to choose from. If you think that nothing interesting ever happened to you, think again. While, yes, it’s true that some of us have had BIG, defining events happen in their lives, it’s also true that all of us have many stories to tell. We just need to be able to find them, and have the courage to step into our voice.

This list is not exhaustive, but here are some types of stories you can share. Start small, and as you grow more comfortable, practice sharing more intimate stories. And you’ll be amazed at how the audience’s gonna respond.

Types of stories: BIG events that happened in your life, good or bad; mini events that happened on a day-to-day basis; someone else’s story (client, friend, family member, famous person, etc.); fairy tales, myths, and legends; your favorite film; and so many more!

——- ——- ——- ——-

And now on to you: Are you ready to share your story?

Let me know in the comments below.

I believe in you and your VOICE,


Claudia ConsolatiComment