My 5 TOP TIPS to be a powerful SPEAKER


Do you have what it takes to become a standout public speaker?

Do you have enough confidence to stand in your leadership on stage?

And are you clear on your message?

Do you know how to speak so that the audience cares?

These are all questions you might have, questions many of the women entrepreneurs who hire me as their speaking coach struggle with. They tell me about your doubts, and that you might not yet be clear on which direction to take next.

And I get it … Becoming a standout speaker is a BIG undertaking, one that’ll require you to step into a new version of yourself. One that’ll challenge and stretch you.

And that’s why I’m here. YOU are my #1 priority, and my goal is to help you get out of fear and into action. Why? Because:


You have a BIG HEART and a BIG MESSAGE to share. I know you want to speak so you can inspire and help others. You dream of changing thousands of lives, and finally having the BIG IMPACT you crave. And I’m here to help you get there.

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In this blog I’m sharing my 5 TOP TIPS TO BECOME A POWERFUL SPEAKER. They’re my secret sauce, and something you can begin to tackle on your own right now.


There’s a part of you that still believes you don’t have what it takes to be a standout speaker. Maybe you’re fearful, or maybe you lack clarity — you just don’t think it’s possible for you. It’s your job to identify what beliefs are holding you back. What are the stories you keep telling yourself? That you’re not smart, confident, or thin enough? What have you come to believe as true about yourself? Let go of anything that’s holding you back.


Nothing’s gonna hold you back more than lack of clarity on your message. I see this so often that I’ve actually come to believe that lack of clarity is the #1 obstacle holding female entrepreneurs back from owning the spotlight. Make sure you download the free guide above where I work you through 3 powerful questions that’ll help you clarify your message and make the BIG difference you’re here to make.


When we stand on stage to speak, we have to make sure our energy is strong so we can hold space for the audience. All too often, however, I see nervous female speakers who’re “leaking” energy. They’re nervous. They’re fidgety. Their voice shakes. Ultimately, they’re unable to convey what they want to say because, even if they’ve memorized their speech, they haven’t prepared energetically to stand on stage in front of an audience. To prepare energetically for your talk, take 5-10 minutes before your engagement to practice self-care. Find what works with you — from jumping jacks to breathwork to a few minutes of meditation — and be diligent with doing it every single time.


Your presentation’s going to be so much more impactful if it’s targeted to the right audience. Knowing your audience means you’ll be able to speak to their problems and desires — you’ll be able to show empathy and understanding, and they’ll relate to you. My 26-page guide above walks you through an exercise to identify your ideal audience — make sure you download it, it’s completely free!


I’ve seen it time and time again, hiring someone to help you every step of the way is the BEST investment you can do in your path towards powerful, mesmerizing speaker. A coach can help you develop unshakable confidence, get crystal clear on your message, and 10x your stage presence and charisma. A coach’ll also be your mentor, accountability partner, and cheerleader — someone who believes in you unconditionally, and who’ll give you the customized support you need in a short amount of time.

(And if you’re thinking of working with me, you can schedule a free chat right here).

Here’s what a few of my clients are saying after hiring me as a coach:

Claudia not only helped me in the midst of pre-speaking anxiety, but she helped me structure the jumbled mess in my head into a clear, cohesive, inspiring talk. Plus, she gave me some powerful tips on standing in my leadership that helped tremendously with my confidence.
— Christina
I reached out to Claudia because it is a dream of mine to become a speaker. After working with Claudia, I felt hopeful that I can become a good speaker.
— Dani
Claudia immediately got me! She understood what my message was and in addition and to me, more importantly, she understood my voice. After completing the talk, I felt very confident that if someone called to ask me to speak I could say yes on the spot and be prepared.
— Jodi