The #1 resource for amazing public speaking

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There’s countless ways to become better speakers. However, there’s ONE resource I always recommend, whether you're in the process of uncovering your “voice” (aka, core message + core story) or you’re already all fired up and ready to deliver an amazing talk.


This resource is Chris Anderson’s game-changing book:


TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking (2016)


Since 2002, Chris Anderson has been the curator of the TED Conference and has made it the powerful platform that it is today.


Why I think everyone who's serious about public speaking should read this book:


  • It explains very clearly how TED’s committed to “ideas worth sharing,” which means that they really care about the content of the featured talks, not so much the tricks and tactics.

  • Chris is very clear that there’s not ONE way to craft & deliver a successful talk. And I freaking love this! So many times we try to put ourselves into a box, because we think there’s a right way to do things. But the truth is another: the right way is your way. You might just need some help uncover your idea and polish it up.

  • The topics covered are extremely comprehensive, from organization, to scripting, to memorization, to anything else that one must consider when crafting & delivering a game-changing talk.

  • It brings up a ton of examples and breaks them down so the reader truly understands.

  • It mentions and quotes many inspirational speakers.



Is giving a TED or TEDx Talk one of your dreams?


If, yes, what do you wish to talk about?


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