Giving a Tedx Talk: What is it like?

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Is giving a Ted or Tedx Talk on your desire list? Do you have the TED logo hanging in big letters on your vision board?


If I know you well, then I’d guess the answer is yes.


And, I totally get it.


Ted Talks are awesome.


But they can also seem like distant, unachievable dreams that only superheroes and heroines have access to.


But what about you? Is it really possible for you?


Of course it is, you might just have to change how you think about them.


This is how I see Ted and Tedx Talks: they’re human experiences. They’re events organized by humans for humans for the betterment of humanity. And they’re available to everybody, to every woman who’s brave enough to step into the power of her voice.


In an effort to highlight the human side of the Ted world, I like to interview my clients who’ve given Tedx Talks about their experience. How did they feel before? Where they nervous? And how did they feel during and after? What shifted?


And that’s what I did with my awesome client, Laura, who’s a former NASA engineer and all-around badass woman who’s unafraid of sharing her voice even in a male-dominated field.


In February 2018 she gave a Tedx Talk on her groundbreaking research on the possibility of human life on Mars (who knew?), and I asked her a few questions about her experience.


Laura gave honest, very real answers.


Because she’s just like me and you, a woman who knows she has something to share and is committed to making her voice heard, as scary as that might sound.


First, read Laura's answers below. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Second, let me know:

Is giving a Ted or Tedx Talk one of your dreams? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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Laura, what was your experience giving a Tedx Talk? What was your biggest lesson?

The Tedx experience was amazing, I was overwhelmed by the location and the set up, the stage and the contact with the audience. I was so glad I prepared for the talk because I had the feeling every speaker was so professional and prepared and I really wanted to make a good impression.


How did you feel before the talk (weeks up to the day before)?

I am normally very nervous when I have to make a public speech as I am not very used to it. Normally though I feel nervous the day of the event, sometimes even only a few minutes before but, in this case, with all the preparation and the coordination and the fact that I had to deliver the speech ahead of the event, I felt more at ease and I was finally eager to see the results of all the rehearsals and the coaching session.


And how did you feel after?

I felt relief and pride, I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience and also several questions on the topic, meaning that I was able to spark their interest, which is what I was aiming for.


What suggestions do you have for other women looking to give a Tedx talk?

Be yourself, remain natural and don't think that you are less powerful than the other speakers, deliver your message and be confident on what you are telling the audience. Inspire others but also don't forget to be inspired by the whole experience!


Laura’s Tedx Talk, “Is Mars Just Around the Corner?”, can be found here:


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