5 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way



Tell me: Do you feel THIS desire?


The desire to stand up and speak up for yourself and others. The desire to be more visible. The desire to share your big idea with the world. The desire to make a difference.


And yet, your inner critic gets in the way.


Who do I think I am?

No one’s gonna listen to me!

There’s NO way I can pull it off.


Your mind’s a constant battle between desire and inner critic.


Desire. Inner critic. Desire. Inner critic. Desire … Yay! … … Ah, no, inner critic.


And so it goes. All day long. Day after day after day. You never get off the hamster wheel.


And the sad thing is that, if you don’t take action, whether that’s figuring out what you should really talk about or getting out there and speak more despite your fear, the inner critic’s always going to win.


And we don’t want that, right?


So, how do we get there? How do we make sure that we follow our desire, even when we have no idea what we’re doing? Even when it’s terrifying and kind of WTF?


Here are 5 powerful questions to get out of your own way, overcome self-doubt, and finally get clear on what to talk about. Because your voice matters.

  1. Remember the WHY. Even if you’re not clear on the steps ahead, remembering why you feel called to move in the direction of your dreams is what’s gonna keep you going.

  2. Stay in your own lane. Don’t compare your journey to others--or what you feel called to talk about to what others are saying.

  3. Get clear on what’s blocking you. Is it fear of failure? Fear of judgment? Fear of rejection? Fear of success? Whatever it is, get very clear and very specific.

  4. Give yourself permission. Stop seeking permission from others, especially those that, even with the best intentions, don’t understand what you’re doing. Decide to give yourself permission and go for it.

  5. Seek help. Whether it’s a coach that can help you figure out your message, or a therapist that can support you in your healing journey, don’t go at it alone. Support is essential to keep going, especially when what you’re doing hasn’t been done before.


And now over to you ... Which step are you going to take?

Let me know in the comments!


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