3 tips to connect with ANY audience

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Are you wondering what it takes to truly connect with your audience when speaking, whether on stage or online?


So many times I see lackluster talks, Facebook lives, YouTube videos that have people reach for their phones or turn their laptops off after the first few seconds.


And the hard truth is that uninspired public speaking can not only stall your business and career, but it can actually hurt it.


You come across as unprepared and boring, even if we both know you’re fun, sassy, and extremely well-prepared.


So, what does it truly take to connect with ANY audience when speaking? And is it really possible? The answer is, YES, by all means.


Here are my top 3 suggestions:


See, for the longest time I thought people listened to me because I shared amazing content. Until one day it hit me: while content is super important, and I always convey high-value stuff I believe in 110%, what’s equally important is HOW this content is communicated. Here’s what I discovered:


1. Avoid monotone at all costs.

Practice changing tone, rhythm, speed -- there’s so much that can be done! This will take a little practice and awareness, perhaps even doing some lives and watching yourself (ah, the horror!) to see where you could have done things differently. But it's totally worth it.


2. Feel, feel, and feel.

Often we’re afraid of showing up vulnerably. We’re a little guarded. The result? Presentations that lack emotion and that little umph needed to truly connected with an audience (and make them fall in love with you). The truth? Audiences want to FEEL and be inspired. How to do it? When you think about or script what you’re going to say, underline all the words underscoring emotion, both good and bad, such as “love”, “excitement”, “hopeful”, “tragic,” etc. Practice saying those words while conveying emotion, the feeling. So, for instance, every time I have to say the word “love”, I don’t just say “love.” What I say is “LOO-OVE!!” Get the gist?


3. Acknowledge your audience.

Public speaking is a dialogue. You’re not talking at someone; you’re talking WITH someone. So, imagine you were chatting to a friend: look at your audience in the eyes, smile, nod, even if you’re on camera. In other words, don’t be afraid to engage with them.


Here you have it, my 3 tips to connect with ANY audience, whether from the stage or online. 


And, now, I’d love to hear from you:


Which one are you going to use first?

Let me know in the comments below.




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