5 body language secrets to 10X your confidence

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I see women playing small all the time.


I can tell who they are. I was one of them once.

It’s something about the way they carry themselves, something about the way they occupy the space around them. They feel small.

Maybe they cross their legs while standing, being weirdly off balance. Or slouch their shoulders to make themselves teeny tiny, almost invisible. Or they tilt their head to look and sound sweet and caring.  


These women are both guarded and people-pleasing, a deadly cocktail if you ask me. (Again: been there, done that!)


So, how do we, as women, reclaim the power of our bodies and our right to take up space?


Here are some tips and practices that have been life-changing for me.


1. Take up space.

Many women are not used to taking up space. They feel too cocky, or even unsafe (I did!). Taking up space doesn’t come natural, and we have to make it a constant practice. So, at least once a day, I make sure I put on one of my favorite songs and dance with the purpose of being as open and expansive as possible with my body. I move around the room as much as I can in order to literally feel what it means for my body to occupy the space around me. At the beginning, it won’t be easy to do this. But, if you commit to it for at least 21 days, your confidence will massively increase.


2. Stand tall.

No more slouching, ‘nuff said! It’s bad for your health and it doesn’t project authority. Look on YouTube for short yoga routines for better posture. Commit. No excuses.


3. Lean in.

Once you’re comfortable with standing tall, shoulders back, move on to the next tip: leaning in. Gently move towards your interlocutor(s). It'll look like you're talking to a friend, and that you're someone they can trust.


4. Stay open.

Keep your shoulders back and your feet hip-width apart. Notice how it feels to be present, grounded, and balanced. Repeat until it becomes entirely natural. No more weird off-balance postures!


5. Be in the flow.

Fluidity is key to feminine charisma. And, yet, so many women are stiff, frozen, rigid, either hiding or taking on more masculine forms of body movements that don’t do justice to their true nature. To remedy this, practice moving your hands and arms with graceful, fluid movements, like you’re a ballerina. It’s fun, it’s girly, and it’ll change how the world sees you.

Did you find these tips helpful?

Which one are you going to practice first?

Let me know in the comments below!



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