[Part I] 3 easy ways to be awesome on VIDEO

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Can you relate?


You KNOW you should be doing more video, but somehow you just can't get your head around it. The technology intimidates you, as does the amount of hard work, or the idea of scripting, rehearsing and still managing not to sound like a robot. 


The truth is: Video can be a challenge for MANY of us, myself included. To be honest, I struggled with video for a long time. I hated how I looked, and the sound of my voice. I noticed alll my nervous ticks and kept wondering, "Who on earth would want to listen to me??"


Plus, I thrive on one-on-one connections and speaking to my Iphone or computer seemed so cold and unnatural!


Here's the good news, though:


If you feel called to do more video, it's because you know you have something BIG to say. Something that can change people's lives. Something that will make the world a better place.


The only thing you'll need to do? You guessed it:




In this week, I share Part 1 of my 3-step process to be AWESOME on video. Like, truly, truly awesome. 


And the first step is ... drum roll, please ...




Here's exactly what I do to prepare to shoot a video:


First, I write down my script or a detailed outline (depending if it’s a more formal video or an “informal” one such as a Facebook live). Please do not skip this step, especially if you’re just starting out. Being prepared and polished is THE key to looking credible and like the leader you know you are. Plus, it’s an act of respect towards your audience.


Second, I memorize it. Yes, you heard me right. I M.E.M.O.R.I.Z.E my script or outline. I’m not gonna lie, this is a lot of work, especially if you’re not used to it. But it’s really gonna pay off. Because, the more you get into the habit of memorizing, the faster you’re gonna become, and the more videos you’ll be able to create. And as you gain experience, you’ll get to the point where memorization might not be necessary anymore. So, roll up your sleeves, and start practicing. Today!


Third, practice your script out loud. Many, many times. And then some more. And some more. Again … Do it one more time … Ok, this is the last one … One more … And done! Pheew. That was haaard! But you did it! High-five!


(Something worth pointing out is that, at least for some videos, you do not have to record the entire thing at once. In fact, it’s better to start with little chunks, which you can then put together in post-production, i.e. when you assemble the video through editing, which is the process of stitching all the pieces together.)


Ok, ok, you’re right, these steps might not be easy at first, but I promise you that the more you practice, the easier it’ll become. And in no time, you’ll become a video PRO ;)


Are you ready to start using video? Let me know in the comments below!


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As always, I believe in you, your voice, and your big, bold life.




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