Are You Hiding? A 3-Step Process to Un-Hide Yourself



I’m a book and word lover (#nerdalert). I grew up on a steady diet of novels with the occasional side of poetry and non-fiction. I love words so so SO much that I spent 6 years studying and writing words for a living while getting my PhD. Pretty cool, right?


Given my love of words, it’s no surprise that helping women overcome self-doubt and get clear on what to speak about and how is in my DNA. It’s just what I absolutely love to do and I’m naturally gifted at it.


However, the reason I do what I do goes much deeper and it has to do with YOU.


See, I believe the world could benefit from hearing more women’s voices. When women fully own their power and manage to stand out as opposed to fit in, they bring a unique set of perspectives and sensibilities to the decision-making table.


I don’t know about you, but I want to be that woman, the woman who’s unapologetic about herself, who’s not afraid to use her voice in service of others, who carves her own path despite challenges and difficulties.


Because when a woman speaks up, other women and girls follow in her wake. And, step-by-step, the world becomes a better place.


But, how do we go from insecure and scared to powerful and afraid of nothing?


Public speaking can provide a roadmap for us to come out of hiding and own the power of our voice.


There are 3 steps I use with my amazing coaching clients to make sure they fully own their voice and message, overcome their fear of being seen and finally get clear on what to talk about.


1. Identify areas of your life where you’re hiding or you don’t speak up as much as you’d like. This could be at work, from the stage, or even with friends and family members (like it was for me). Get crystal clear on where and why you're silent or don't feel comfortable speaking up. Commonly it's because of fear of rejection or judgment.


2. Identify which parts of yourself you’re afraid to show to others. Is there something you’re terrified people would find out about you? Is it a dark part of your past? Something you’re ashamed of? Or your secret passion?  Getting clear on what's holding you back is the first step to healing yourself and to using your story to heal others.


3. Challenge the belief that those parts of you are shameful and shouldn’t be seen. I believe that we can be the light for others only when we truly own our darkness. It’s our story that helps others change. It's also our story that makes our speaking unique to us, and contributes to positioning us as the experts in our fields. So, which steps can you take to own the parts of yourself that you’re hiding?


And now over to you … Which step are you going to take to come out of hiding?


Leave a comment below. I’d love to know!




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