The top 3 OBSTACLES to sharing your VOICE from the STAGE


You’re so ready to show up in a BIG way.

You so deeply desire to bust through your fears and share your message from the stage.

You can’t wait to influence hundreds of people with your voice, and finally have the impact you crave.

But, you’re also still holding back. You have many questions about what you really need to get started as a speaker. And you’re unsure what to do next.

This week I’m sharing the top 3 obstacles my clients struggle with when it comes to being the speaker they want to be. I also share some extra-helpful insights on how to easily overcome them.

Whatever you’re struggling with, know this: you totally have what it takes to be a rockstar speaker!! Do not give up!

Obstacle #1: You lack of clarity on your “zone of genius” message

You KNOW you have things to say. SO many things! And you’re STUCK. You don’t really know where to even begin. And how to sort through ALLL your ideas. And stories. You need help.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Check out the blog post Help! What Do I Talk About?

  2. Download the free 26-page guide “Be A Speaker Now! It has an entire section dedicated to finding your “Zone of Genius” message, the message you were born to give.

  3. Book a 2-hr “Find Your Voice” intensive to finally get the clarity you need, and skyrocket your speaking dreams.

Obstacle #2: You don’t know where and how to find speaking gigs, and how to pitch yourself.

This is a struggle women entrepreneurs struggle with all the time. So, don’t feel bad: you’re not alone!! The world of speaking can seem so unattainable, unreachable, and confusing. How do you even get to that really coveted stage? Is it even accessible to you? Is there some secret that only the pros know?

The answer is both Yes and No.

Getting started as a speaker’s easier than you think. Speaking is *definitely* accessible to YOU, too. But you need to know the right strategy.

And working with a professional (aka, me!) is your best best to know exactly what you need to focus on to get your MESSAGE on world-renowned stages.

But you can also definitely get started on your own … Here’s how:

  1. Download my free 26-page guide “Be a Speaker Now!” It includes an entire section on how to find the right speaking opportunities for YOU.

  2. Check out the blog post 5 Steps to Find Speaking Gigs.

  3. Check out the blog post 5 Things You Need to Market Yourself as a Speaker.

Obstacle #3: You’ve a crippling fear of public speaking and of sharing your voice.

For the longest time, this was me. I looked confident and collected on the outside, but I was secretly terrified on the inside.

See, I’m a HUGE INTROVERT and being in front of crowds used to overwhelm me. My past history didn’t help either. I was the quiet, shy, sensitive kid growing up. I was raised believing I didn’t have a voice, and my voice didn’t matter.

To take baby steps in the right direction, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Read my story here! I share about my struggle with finding and using my voice, so that I can inspire others to find theirs. Know this: if I made it, so can you!

  2. Check out the blog posts The #1 Fear Holding You Back from Being a Rockstar Public Speaker and Are You Hiding? 3 Steps to Unhide Yourself.

  3. Book an exclusive “Confident Speaker” power session. In only 90 minutes, I’ll guide you through my secret step-by-step process for finding what’s hiding behind your fear of sharing your voice so you can show up as your confident, bold, and magnetic self, on and off stage.

Leave me a comment and let me know: which obstacle are you struggling with? And which step are you going to take to become the speaker of your dreams?

I believe in you and your voice,