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Do you have a BIG heart and a BIG message to share?

Do you desire to SERVE others and IMPACT millions with your words?

Do you dream of standing in front of thousands of people as a woman unafraid to share her voice and embrace ALL that she is? A new kind of powerful female leader changing lives with her message?

But do you also wonder: how the heck do I get there?

Maybe you’re feeling a bit stuck. You don’t know where to begin. Or how to organize your ideas for maximum effect and impact.

Maybe you’re just starting out with speaking, and you wonder if you really have what it takes to be the mesmerizing public speaker you dream to me.

Or maybe you’ve been speaking for a while, but you still have a ton of questions about upleveling and reaching your potential.

And that’s why I’m here to help.

In this blog post I’m sharing the 3 ESSENTIAL SKILLS you need to master to become a head-turning public speaker, no matter which stage of life & business you’re in. The fun part? They all start with C!


For many women, public speaking is not only terrifying but also profoundly triggering. For centuries, we’ve been told that it’s not safe to share our voice, and whenever we did, we often got punished for it. So, no wonder we’re scared to speak in front of others!!

It’s ok to be afraid of public speaking, to have stage fright, and to feel nervous every time you have to speak in public. There’s NOTHING wrong with you.

However, if you’re committed to stop playing small, and to getting you’re message out into the world, you must DECIDE the time has come to overcome your fear and make your voice heard. You can do it!!


Are you sure you really know what you want to say? Many of the women I work with, have all these cool ideas, and yet they’re stuck. They don’t know how to select what matters most, how to prioritize, and how to turn their knowledge into a POWERFUL MESSAGE that’s easy to understand and changes people’s lives.

This is where I recommend working with a coach who can really help you SEE and ORGANIZE your insight into a message you can become known for.


And, finally, charisma. As I shared in this blog post, charisma is something that can be learn and practiced. It’s not something you’re either born with or not. It’s about having the courage to stand in your leadership, and to learn powerful delivery and body language techniques that will make all the difference in how you communicate with your audience.

Charisma is also developed by speaking authentically and with the heart, sharing our story to genuinely connect with the audience and help them along their journey. It takes courage but, if you really want it, it’s something available to you, too.

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