2 Counter-Intuitive Secrets of Legendary Speakers

So, you have heard the call—yes, that call. The call to speak up. The call to share your message with the world. You are fired up, you are ready to go, you even made an appointment to talk to a public speaking coach. But soon after the first bolt of excitement, doubt begins to creep in.

“What am I going to say?”

 “Who is going to listen to me?”

 "Who do I think I am?”

Doubt overwhelms you. And, yet, that voice doesn’t go away. It grows stronger and stronger.

Does any of this sound familiar? If the answer is yes then, congratulations—you are normal!

I myself have experienced crippling self-doubt, major public speaking anxiety, and lack of clarity on my messaging and ideas and how to convey them effectively. And I am a public speaking coach and college professor!

I have spent two decades feeling voiceless and sabotaging my success through limiting beliefs and by giving my power away. But one day I decided that enough was enough.

I was done feeling powerless; I was done feeling like a victim; I was done disowning my voice and my leadership. I went inwards, I sat in stillness, and I took action. I discovered the secrets to having a voice, and a voice that matters.

These secrets are the ones I share with my clients to help them rock the stage and craft their legendary signature talks, which are talks that inspire, motivate, and encourage change. These secrets are specifically designed for women who are ready to take her life, business, and career to the next level. They are the result of many years of research, self-development, and practice. They might seem counter-intuitive but, let me assure you, they are absolutely essential.

Secret #1: The Body

I firmly believe that the body is the #1 key to unlocking the power of women’s voices (and viceversa). By reclaiming her ownership over her body a woman reclaims ownership over her life and gains the confidence to speak up. A woman must strive towards feeling grounded and comfortable in her body to be able to deliver a powerful talk, a talk that changes lives while growing her impact and net worth.   

There are a number of practices that I share with my clients to let, practices tied to energy grounding, breath work, and present-moment awareness

But you can get started on your own:

Get to know your body, familiarize yourself with your body and with feeling your body.

The results will truly surprise you.

(And if you want to dig deeper into the voice-body connection to improve your public speaking performance, feel free to e-mail me at hello@thewomenspeakupproject.com)

Secret #2: Silence

I know—this seems really counter-intuitive. Especially considering I am all about women speaking up and making their voices heard. And it is also triggering if we take into account centuries of patriarchal suppression of women’s voices.

But here is the truth: In public speaking, silence is you secret power weapon. Your best friend. So, while it is extremely important to know when to speak up, it is equally essential to know when not to talk, when to use strategic pausing to maximize results and impact, and when to actively listen to others so that your message comes across stronger and clearer.

To get started on strategic silence, do this:

Practice the pause. In your everyday communication, speak more slowly than you usually do. When a sentence is over, pause emphatically and take a deep breath.

Magic can happen in those moments of silence. Take it all in.

These are the 2 core tenets of legendary public speaking, public speaking for the woman who is ready to play big and be an advocate for change in the world.

Are you ready? Let me know in the comments below.

To your voice,