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>>   You want to do more public speaking, whether from the stage, at work, or online. But you know you have a lot to improve, whether it’s your content, your delivery, your body language, or all of it combined.


>>   Perhaps you speak too quickly, have nervous energy, use too many filler words, or don’t know how to best organize your material to make an impact on your audience. They tell you that practice makes perfect, but you suspect that that’s not how it works. You just want to be better--fast!


What if I told you ...

... that you can take your public speaking from MEH to WOW in just about 60 minutes?



>>   You dream of being a rockstar public speaker who changes lives and is a sought-after expert in her field. You want to use public speaking--whether a speech, a panel, a podcast or video interview--to gain exposure for yourself, your career, or your business.


>>   You want to know all the secrets of powerful public speaking, and can’t wait to apply them to your speaking--stat!


>>   You dream of being invited to more and more speaking opportunities, and perhaps one day even give a TED talk.



  • You know you’re meant for big things, and that public speaking is a key part of your success. You want to make your voice heard and grow your network, your exposure, and your business. You’re SO tired of playing small!

  • You want your speaking to be not only clear and persuasive, but also fun, engaging, informative and, most importantly, MEMORABLE.

  • You’re unsure how to make your speaking better. You know something’s missing, and that you could be a lot more impactful, but you’re not clear on the next steps.

  • You want an EXPERT to show you how to improve your public speaking, someone who gives you easy, actionable tips that you can use right away.


Hey, that's me!

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I'm Dr. Claudia Consolati

I help women become rockstar public speakers so they can grow their businesses and influence.

i know what it means to not have a voice — and i’m here to teach women how to make their voice heard.

After completing the 60-Minute Public Speaking Makeover, you'll:

  • Have a list of 5-10 actionable steps to take your public speaking from MEH to WOW--stat!

  • Know exactly what you need to do to 10x your effectiveness and impact as a public speaker.

  • Gain newfound confidence after expert eyes assess it and review it.

  • Tumble over in delight as you see your audience being fully engaged and attentive -- no more yawns or compulsive phone checking!

Sounds great, right?




>>   You send me a 10-20 minute audio or video recording of you speaking.

>>   I fine-tooth-comb review it, word by word, comma by comma, uhmm by uhmm.

>>   We hop on a 60-minute call where I tell you exactly what to improve and how. (And, be ready, because it will be jam-packed with awesome suggestions).

>>   You’ll get the call recording to keep forev-ah and review over and over again.


Ready to get started?


Step 1: Book your session and make your payment here.

Step 2: Within 24 hours you'll receive an email detailing how to upload your audio or video, how to get on our Zoom call, and a coaching agreement.

Step 3: Get ready to become the rockstar public speaker of your dreams!


Investment: $297


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** This offer is non-refundable


Thank you!

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