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A 3-step process to getting started as a speaker

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You have important things to say and you're ready to make your voice heard from the stage.

You have BIG dreams and you want to make a BIG impact in the world. You dream of inspiring thousands of people with your message, and finally have the impact you crave (and deserve).

And, yet, self-doubt and lack of clarity keep you stuck. Your head keeps spinning: How do I find speaking opportunities? What do I talk about? And will the audience care?

You need a guide. Someone who can show you how to craft a clear, compelling message and how to speak with impact and power so that you leave your audience wanting more of you and what you have to offer. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Claudia Consolati. 


I’m obsessed with helping women use public speaking to grow their businesses and influence. I teach them how to develop unshakable confidence, craft a compelling message and powerful talks, and find the right speaking opportunities for them so they can finally speak on their dream stages and have the BIG impact they crave.   

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What happy clients have said ...


Angela Medlin, Creative Entrepreneur and Nike Designer (Portland, OR)

I would like to say thank you to Claudia for showing up at the perfect time to assist me with my first public speaking speech (to over 500+ people!) in over a decade. It was so easy to work with her on assembling all of my dialogue into a beautiful story. The outcome was amazing! I could feel the audience and I were connecting as I shared my creative journey. I recommend working with Claudia if you would like to speak from a place of authenticity and confidence.

Claudia not only helped me in the midst of pre-speaking anxiety, but she helped me structure the jumbled mess in my head into a clear, cohesive, inspiring talk. Plus, she gave me some powerful tips on standing in my leadership that helped tremendously with my confidence. The audience was fully engaged and hanging on my every word. Afterwards, people came up to me and were effusive with their compliments. One woman even said it was the BEST talk she’s ever seen there. Claudia uses laser-sharp focus and deep listening, and she even provides recordings and notes! She’s a total PRO and I recommend her highly.

Christina Caudill, Astrologer


Trudy Miller, Clothing Designer & Body Image Expert (New York City)

I was given excellent advice by Claudia on how I could leverage my story ... as well as my brand as a whole ... I’m now much more confident about having a platform that allows me to speak on the multiple topics that my life’s work has led me to - in a much juicier way.

Claudia helped me to understand what is most valuable to communicate about myself ... I had been on the fence about whether I was going to pursue a path in public speaking. After speaking with her, I knew why my message needed to be heard.

Claudia’s expert eye and her way with words helped me to craft a truly compelling and open-hearted story. Her edits were spot on, and her feedback has given me a more powerful way to communicate and connect with my audience.

I reached out to Claudia because I had been wanting to speak more. What was holding me back was that I had ideas for my message, but was overwhelmed with how and where to begin to put it in a clear, concise and presentable format.

Claudia immediately got me! She understood my message was and, more importantly, she understood my voice. After completing the talk, I felt very confident that if someone called to ask me to speak I could say yes on the spot and be prepared.

I would absolutely recommend Claudia and her services to others. - Jodi Silverman.jpg

Jodi Silverman, Life Coach & Founder, Moms Who Dare

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Elana Smith,

Educational Therapist (New York City)

I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. What details should I hone in on? What message did I want to give? What would be appropriate to say? What were my goals? How would I deliver the speech in terms of tone and manner? I came to Claudia with all of these concerns. Secondly, I was having extreme anxiety and a feeling of imposter syndrome ... Claudia helped and healed me immensely on both fronts.

I reached out to Claudia because it is a dream of mine to become a speaker. I was starting to enjoy public speaking but I felt my delivery fell flat. After working with Claudia, I felt hopeful that I can become a good speaker. I enjoyed her critique, quite possibly because it was so upbeat and she found what I did well and accentuated it. She pointed out places to make my speaking voice stronger, not only the words but from an emphasis perspective. I can’t wait to work with Claudia again and I’ve already mentioned her name to a number of people.

Dani Bates, Weight Loss Coach

Headshot - OnRoute Financial.jpg

Kristy Runtzer,

Financial Wellness Coach

I reached out to Claudia because I had a speaking engagement coming up at an industry event and I wasn’t sure what content to share and how to organize my thoughts. Working with Claudia I was able to take all of the thoughts and ideas in my brain and organize them in a way that made sense and was captivating to the audience. I also walked away with a framework that I can use in the future to develop other talks. Claudia has a gift for asking the right questions and letting you get all your thoughts and ideas out while guiding you on how to organize them and what’s important to share. She doesn’t make it about herself or what she thinks a person should say. Rather, Claudia helped me figure out what was most important for my audience.

I would absolutely recommend working with Claudia on a speech. Before a big speaking engagement that can make a difference in your career, you have to be prepared. It’s super important to know why you’re sharing what you’re sharing, who is in the audience, what you want them to learn or take away, and how you can deliver meaningful content to accomplish that goal. My talk’s main point was so successful that it was mentioned in a popular online publication shortly after as one of 10 noteworthy tips for leading better organizations.

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